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The Potent Goat The Potent Goat Watermelon
From Celestial Wellness we have The Potent Goat gummies. These are by far one of the best gummies on the market. Each gummy is 40mg and total in pack at 400mg. 
The Hemp Doctor THD Triple Bears 900mg
The Hemp Doctor Triple bears
The Potent Goat The Potent Goat Orange 50mg^
The Potent Goat Orange 50mg delta 8
Cannaaid CannaAid Pineapple Gummies 480mg
CannaAid Pineapple Gummies 480mg
Cannaaid CannaAid Taffy Tropical ^
CannaAid Tropical mix taffy flavors include watermelon, banana, Orange, and lemon. Each piece is 30mg 300mg total in bag 10 amazing pieces of taffy.
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